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Books and articles about the East End

Booth, C a net version of Booth's poverty map
Cox, J (1994) London’s East End – Life and Traditions. Weidenfeld & Nicholson.
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African and Caribbean
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Asians in Britain
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This article was published in Socialist History Journal 29 pp56-75
Sarah Glynn (2006) The Spirit of ’71: how the Bangladeshi War of Independence has haunted Tower Hamlets
Ullah, AA and Eversley J (2010) Bengalis in London’s East End. Swadhinata Trust
White community
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Shadwell and Wapping
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Economic History
Robins N (2006) The Corporation that Changed the World Pluto.

East End on Film


Director: Amanda Richardson
Director: Peter Croft written by Wolf Mankovitz


Director: Gavin Weightman
How the villages of Bethnal Green, Bow, Stepney and West Ham were swamped by dockland the development in the l900's.

IS THAT IT?: Images of East End (1985)

Director: Wilf Thust
A six-part film, based around the workshop improvisations of a group of teenager s in London's East End, who act out situations and attitudes relating to race, g ender and class which they have experienced during their first fifteen years of life in a working-class inner ci ty environment. The Workshops were held at Four Comers between 1982 and 1984. In...


Director: Deborah Arnott
The last two months in the life of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hackney. Includes a look at the hospital and the debate surrounding where its services should go - The Royal London Hospital or the Homerton Hospital.


Director; Robert Vas
The vanishing way of life of the Jewish community of Hessel St., Whitechapel.
Director: Antony Shang
Documentary about the first Chinese people to settle in Britain at the end of the 19th Century. For years they suffered at the hands of racism, compounded by the popularity of the "Dr Fu Manchu" books. Told through the recollections of local residents and the Cockney descendents of the early Chinese seamen who jumped ship to settle in Poplar and Limehouse.

Housing problems (1935)

British Commercial Gas Association
Director: Edgar Anstey
(on Limehouse Fields estate; used to be in BFI stock but not showing up in on-line archive)

State of Wapping (1984)

Made by BBC2 Community Unit as An Open door Programme with Wapping Parents Action Group

King of the Ghetto (1987)

Farukh Dhondy with Ian Dury

God’s Waiting Room (2007)

About Taslim’s Undertakers
David Hoffman
Paul Trevor
Phil Maxwell
Danielle Lamarche
Tony Lam
Books of photographs
Girling B (2005) East end Neighbourhoods. Tempus.
Haines G (2008) Bow & Bromley by Bow. Sutton Publishing
Cox, M Life and Death in Spitalfields 1700 –1850. Council for British Archaeology.
Cox, J (1994) London’s East End – Life and Traditions. Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

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