Shared History is a group of people who want to share their knoweldge of East End History with each other and with other people through walks.
Why have a ‘Shared History’ group?
We think the history of the East End of London is exciting and important for understanding the present but too often it is sensationalised, oversimplified and distorted in ways that are divisive and negative.
The individuals who subscribe to SHARED HISTORY are committed to the following principles:
We value:
• the contributions of all communities who have lived in the East End past and present
We recognise:
• the commonalities and shared experiences of people across different communities as well as their differences
• the hardships and achievements of ordinary people in diverse communities
• that our knowledge of East End history is incomplete
We are committed to:
  • Making our shared history accessible to all, exciting but not sensationalised
  • Communities speaking for themselves while recognising complexity and diversity within communities and between communities. We will not ignore the conflicts and differences within communities such as those concerning class, gender or religious belief and practice.
  • Developing an open exploration of the past that encourages dialogue about how to interpret the history of the area.
  • Highlighting real and hidden lives and experiences by researching unwritten histories and highlighting marginalised histories. Sharing information and interpretations and learning from each other to add to our collective knowledge
  • Drawing on the past to consider contemporary issues.
SHARED HISTORY will not devalue the present in order to venerate the past. We will not label or stereotype the communities that have lived or do live in the East End.

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Walking the history of the East End of London